10 Celeb Manicures That Sparkle with Glamour and Empower

Explore 10 celebrity manicures radiating glamour and showcasing dazzling colors and intricate designs for a stylish confidence boost.

As the 2024 awards season concludes, we’ve witnessed a whirlwind of glamour from the Golden Globes to the Oscars. Amidst the dazzling hair and makeup, Celeb Manicures stole the spotlight. Anya Taylor-Joy’s silver velvet nails to Kourtney Kardashian’s chic French mani top our season favorites.

1: Reverse French Nails

At the Critic’s Choice Awards, Arianna Greenblatt flaunted an edgy reverse silver French manicure. OPI Ambassador Zola Ganzorigt created this look with two nude OPI Gel Nail Polishes, adding a holographic silver accent and finishing with a touch of Chrome Powder.

2: Velvet Silver Nails

To complement Anya Taylor-Joy’s stunning silver gown, Celeb Manicures Kim Troung crafted a medium-length silver manicure with a velvety finish. For a similar look, opt for a magnetic polish such as Cirque Colors Metallic Nail Polish in Chemistry.

3: Blinged-Out Lipstick Nails

At the Grammy Awards, Chloe Bailey rocked gem-encrusted nails shaped like lipsticks, exuding unparalleled coolness. Her manicure showcased chunky gold glitter, stunning jewels, and immaculate shaping, epitomizing a nail look fit for the red carpet.

4: Bronzy French Nails

Temeka Jackson upgraded Jennifer Coolidge’s Emmy’s look with chic golden tips, using OPI Gel Polish in Bare My Soul over a neutral gel base coat. Next, she adorned Coolidge’s almond-shaped tips with a shimmery copper nail polish, finished with bronze chrome powder. Completing the ensemble, Jackson applied OPI’s Chrome Effects No-Cleanse Top Coat on each nail’s tips.

5: Baby French Nails

Embracing her inner rock star goddess, Kourtney Kardashian rocked a black baby French manicure for the Emmys. This nail look exudes fun while staying true to Kardashian’s gothic aesthetic. Celeb Manicures Troung started with The Gel Bottle Inc.’s Rubber Base Coat. And applied the brand’s Gel Nail Polish in Marshmallow. For the precise black French tips, she used the shade Jet Black and sealed the manicure with this Coat.

6: Coquette Pearl Nails

Lana Del Rey’s whimsical coquette manicure at the Grammys, curated by celebrity manicurist Yoko Sakakura, embraced the ongoing trend with flair. Each of the musician’s nails featured a unique nail accessory, from strips of micro pearls to iridescent 3D bows, creating a stunning work of art.

7: Red Crackle Nails

Celebrity nail artist Eri Ishizu transformed Laverne Cox’s nails into a stunning red foil French tip look inspired by her Comme de Garçons dress. Using Aprés Nail Neutrals Gel-X Emma Tips, she applied the Base Coat X, pressed red foil onto the tips for a French manicure effect, and finished with the Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat. The result: an unexpected and edgy appearance with a crackle-like finish.

8: Jelly Pink Nails

At the SAG Awards, Margot Robbie channeled Barbie vibes with short pink nails, inspired by original Barbie jelly shoes. Her celebrity manicurist, Betina Goldstein, concocted the sheer jelly manicure by blending Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in Skieuse, Diva, and SunDrop. Goldstein achieved a jelly-like, translucent effect by applying Chanel Le Gel Top Coat atop the nails.

9: Black Cherry Nails

Black cherry nails are dark, rich nail colors resembling deep shades of cherry or burgundy, often with hints of black or dark purple. They offer a dramatic and sophisticated look, suitable for various occasions. Achievable with nail polish or gel, they can be customized with glossy, matte, or metallic finishes, adding elegance and edge to your nails.

10: Classic French Nails

Celebrity manicurist Thuy Nguyen chose Après Nail Color in Cloud Nine to craft the actress’ chic short French manicure.

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